As of June 29, 2011 we are still in the process of doing a total rebuild on this website.
We will now offer our tools and videos for free, just click the “Free-Membership” link under the banner at the top.

You free membership includes:
1) Over xx hours of videos on Audacity, MP3 creation/recording tips and techniques, SitePal
2) Access to our 5 MP3 players and a tool that will build the ugly “object” code to stick in your HTML pages.
3) Discussion of the different tools that are out there, and which one is right for you.

Increase Your WebSite Sales with Audio!

Click the arrow below to see how an MP3 Audio Player works.
You can set it to autoplay, or to wait until the visitor clicks.

Neal Walters, MCT

(Microsoft Certified Trainer)

It’s a proven fact that audio increases sales. It get’s peoples attention. It makes you site a cut above all the others. And many people hate to read, but they will listen to an interesting audio.

Even though I had used video demos on some of my sites, and saw my sales go up, a few months ago I wanted to add a simple mp3 player to a different site, and I couldn’t believe how much time I “wasted” or “invested” in doing my research and choosing a player. I was in a hurry and I spent $50 for a nice player, because I was in a hurry.
Since then, I have hired a programmer to create several nice flash-based mp3 players that can be customized and put on any website in minutes.

There are other sites that sell you various audio solutions.

SO WHAT makes our site different?

  • We have created a multimedia training package that shows you the pros and cons of the most popular four audio techniques.
  • We include a license for you to use three ready-to-go MP3 players

    1. They have volume controls
    2. They don’t take up much screen space (they have a “small footprint”).
    3. They can even play multiple mp3 files
    4. The sound can start immediately, or you can be started when your web-site visitors click the play button.

  • We show you the pros and cons of Armand Morin’s “Audio Generator”
  • Learn how to set up and use a SitePal talking character.
  • We explain which solution is right for you, and how much they each cost.
  • We include video training on how to set up and use each of the above
  • We explain the hidden bandwidth limitations to save you from losing your shirt on unexpected bandwidth costs.
  • We explain how to use the telephone to record your sound files, or how to find and install FREE studio-quality software and how to record using your own home equipment (headset or microphone required).
  • Learn how to put sound as a background on your page (even though I recommend the MP3 players mentioned above).

Order today and get these Free Bonuses:

  1. Learn how to use the popular SmartFTP program
  2. Learn about how to include even Video on your site
  3. Learn how to set up your own free BLOG in 5 minutes
  4. Includes Resell Rights to WebAudioPlus – allows a person to create a flash player on his or her personal computer, then upload to the desired website.
  5. Decision chart:

    This decision chart helps to take all the guesswork out of audio. In under one minute, this flowchart will help you choose the right technology.

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